Committed to our Community

Committed to our Community

When Arthur Fitts Jr. founded Fitts Insurance Agency he made a commitment to giving back to the community that supported him. From those early years on the agency has been an active participant in the community and has supported the many organizations that it relies on to keep children safe and on the right path and to help members of the community when they need it most.

In 2007 The Worcester Business Journal printed an article on the agency. The following is an excerpt of that article:

"The leaders of some of the Metrowest region’s most involved, non-profit organizations say their jobs have been made easier because of the involvement of the Fitts family and Fitts Insurance Agency.

The region’s non-profit leaders characterize the business and the Fitts and Hulme families’community work as low-key, behind the scenes, and most of all, consistent over time. Sponsorship of major fundraising events includes golf events, recognition dinners, and direct contributions, and have helped many grateful agencies concentrate less on raising money and more on their core missions which often involve making a better life for children.

Both the Fitts family and Fitts Insurance Agency have supported the Metrowest Boys and Girls Club since 1998, and Christopher Fitts has served on its advisory board for more than nine years. Geoffrey and Timothy Fitts have been active with the 200 Foundation, a charitable organization that raises money for non-profit organizations such as homeless shelters, food pantries, youth mentoring programs, and other organizations that have difficulty raising capital. Grants, allocated annually, range from a couple of thousand dollars to as much as twenty thousand dollars.

George Hulme is a longtime board member of the YMCA. The agency has also been a longtime supporter of the United Way through payroll deductions and other means. Its in-cash and in-kind support goes back to 1959, when the Fitts family sold the former home of Arthur Fitts Sr. to what was then called the” Framingham Community Chest”, which later became the United Way of Tri-County. The organization stayed at that location for 40 years before relocating to its current headquarters at Park Avenue

“Fitts Insurance and the Fitts family are well-known not only for their quality of service and integrity as a company, but also for their work and commitment to the community”, says Jeanne McAllister of the Metro West YMCA.“They are strong supporters through their involvement and generosity in the community, particularly in the area of education, youth and sports.”

Francis Hurley of the Boys & Girls Club of Metrowest credits the Fitts family with connecting the 60-year old club with donors in the Framingham community, and assisting with a clubhouse relocation in Framingham that will allow the organization to offer more activities to the hundreds of children it serves. A longtime supporter of the youth organization, Chris Fitts has been a member of the Advisory Board for the Framingham Clubhouse for more than nine years."

Since the above article was published Fitts Insurance has pledged $50,000 to The YMCA and $10,000 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metrowest and has raised over $30,000 for the Framingham Education Foundation.

Fitts Insurance's community involvement also includes support of the following organizations: